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Brottier Refugee Services

BROTTIER REFUGEE SERVICES is a Non Profit organization set up to assist private sponsors to welcome refugees to Canada. Spiritans have signed a legal agreement with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada as Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) in private Sponsorship Program (IRPR152).

Our Story

Since the late 1970’s, the  Spiritans of the TransCanada Province, have been responding to the needs of refugees fleeing countries ravaged by war and hunger and seeking a new homeland. The Spiritans played a welcoming role for refugees when in 1979, there was a mass exodus of Vietnamese refugees as they left their war-torn country in over-crowded boats. Since then, Spiritans have continued to assist Canadian sponsors to help refugees fleeing civil strife, war and famine, from many places including, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Kosovo, Albania, Chechnya, Laos, East Timor, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Central America, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, South Africa and Iraq.

Brottier Refugee Services is named in honour of Blessed Daniel Brottier, a Spiritan who devoted his life to lightening the burden of many human sorrows. He established orphanages and schools for abandoned children in Auteuil, France. He took residence at Auteuil among the abandoned children and orphans and showed them the love they needed.

Our Services

Brottier Refugee Services has evolved into a non-residential program committed to providing assistance to privately sponsored and government assisted refugees as they begin a new life in Canada. Please note, that Brottier Refugee Services is not able to assist in sponsoring  refugees  who do not have a private sponsor (family or relative) already here in Canada. 

Brottier Refugee Services provides:

  • Advice on the criteria for private refugee sponsorship in Canada.
  • Assistance with the documentation required to be completed by sponsors/refugees.

How To Proceed

The Spiritans work directly with co-sponsors who wish to bring conventional refugees into Canada. Therefore, if you are a refugee, you need to locate a family member, a close friend or a community sponsorship group who can speak to us on your behalf as your co-sponsor. To become a co-sponsor, you must be a responsible Canadian resident 18 or older, in good standing who has the financial and emotional resources to help resettle the newcomer(s) throughout the crucial early years of adjusting to a new country. Please also note that Brottier Refugee Services (BRS) operates within the Greater Toronto area. If you are a co-sponsor who wishes to work with the Spiritans to privately sponsor a refugee family, please send the following information by email to: brottierrefugeesservices@gmail.com 

1) Co-sponsor full name, city/town where co-sponsor lives in Ontario, contact information (i.e., co-sponsor telephone number and email address).

2) Refugee information - a brief statement about the refugee family you wish to sponsor, including citizenship, country where they currently live and the size of the refugee family.

Please be sure to check this website regularly and especially before calling the Spiritans Office regarding questions related to PSR case intake.


Brottier Refugee Services is a Non Profit organization. We receive no direct government support. Donations given go towards the care of refugees and so your assistance is greatly appreciated.  A tax receipt will be given for donations ($20 and above) for Brottier Refugee Services.                                                      

Cheques can be made payable to Spiritans(Memo: Brottier Refugee Services). 

Donations may also be made through the Spiritan page on CANADA HELPS.

Contact Us

Brottier Refugee Services, c/o Spiritans, 34 Collinsgrove Rd., Scarborough, ON, M1E 3S4


416-691-9319 x 28

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