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Christmas 2020

Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day (Helen Stiner Rice).

I wish you a Merry Christmas. As we celebrate the Prince of Peace entrance into this world. I give praise and thanks to the Father, the Holy Spirit, each confrere, Lay Spiritan, staff and benefactors for your contributions to our congregation during this difficult time.

As we look around us, the feeling of Christmas is in the air. The ground is covered with snow and people shopping online for Christmas gifts for loved ones. Yet we pause in our thoughts to think of the sadness caused by Covid 19. The loss of life has been so great. Last year we would never have thought our lives would have been so disrupted and we would all adapt to a new lifestyle. As I look at the Nativity scene my thoughts go back to what Joseph and Mary too felt. They had the same experience, their lives disrupted, changed for ever and yet a miracle occurs in a very humble stable.

The Nativity in our homes “masterpiece of beauty”. We year after year spend some time during this season contemplating of what the Holy Family went through. They did not have any of the comforts we have today in our homes. Christmas brings us many reasons to celebrate, share the love, joy, and peace among our bubble (a concept we never heard of before).For some reason my thoughts go back to the Christmas our founders Claude Poullart des Places and Francis Libermann would have celebrated. I guess they celebrated this holy day in prayers, a humble meal and rejoiced in Christ’s blessings to the congregation. The scene is a symbol of love, peace, faith, and unity handed down through the generations of the church and families. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that brought this event together. The Holy Spirit even today is on fire and inspires our inner thoughts. The Nativity scene also clearly shows us how busy we are in our own lives that we sometimes fail to think of the old, poor, lonely brethren, and vulnerable ones in our society. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us, and the bright Bethlehem star guide us through this Covid 19 pandemic. I pray this Christmas season that the Holy Family transforms and illuminates our lives, so we go forward as a resourceful missionary congregation.

Let each one of us be a candle of hope and peace everyday not just at during the Christmas season.

Fraternally in Christ,

Fr. Francis Folleh, CSSp

Provincial Superior